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a 6-month sustainability learning & mentoring programme – for girls & young women* who want to save the world.

Find your purpose & be a confident change maker

Feeling worried about your future and the future of the world?

You want to make a difference but are not sure how to go about it?

who is it for? girls and young women aged 16-24 years who want to help save the world.

why should I attend? you want to make a difference, but don’t know how to go about it, you want more confidence & skills…

who are we? Catalyse Change are a social enterprise – who run sustainability learning and mentoring programmes – to help young women be the change they wish to see in the world.

what’s it all about? The 3-day online Catalyst Summit kicks off our six-month learning and mentoring progamme. It provides a friendly and interactive space for you to ask & solve the important questions: 

  • what if the world really were gender equal and fair for everyone?
  • what if the world was powered just by renewable energy, with clear skies & clean air?
  • what if I had the confidence and skills to help make that change?

*We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.

Testimonials from 2020

CS20 testimonialIf you care about climate change and are feeling a bit lost on your next step, this is the programme for you!”

“Its an incredible experience and will leave you with so many extra skills and much more confidence than you could even imagine.”

“A truly well-rounded great experience. It was so exciting to be in a virtual room full of bright, enthusiastic, loud and confident woman! I honestly think Catalyse Change have brought a value-for-money opportunity to young woman trying to break into the sustainability sector.”

“The Catalyst Summit motivated me to carry on pursuing a career on sustainability and helped me find what are my long-term goals and motivations.”

“This Summit has helped us understand the direction we want to take, given us tools to do so, and reached out with not just one helping hand, loads of hands from all the incredible woman we networked with throughout this event!!!”

“This is a great way to interact with both women who have jobs in sustainability and with young women who are in a similar position to me, wanting to start a career in sustainability, but need some advice.

“The Catalyst Summit gives you the opportunity to learn and ask questions to women with a career in sustainability and to get to know and form connections with all the other young women in the progamme! I loved it and would highly recommend.

watch these short films from last year 

Read more testimonials here: Catalyst Voices   Catalyst Voices 2

Amazing Speakers & Facilitators 

Daze AgahjiOver 3 days you meet some leading sustainability thinkers, experts & practitioners.

They include; Sofia Deambrosi, skipper of Bristol Gulls; Rhian Sherrington, founder, Women in Sustainability; Daze Agahji, climate activist (pictured above), Emma Askew, Earthminutes, Lola Okunrinboye, Chartered Environmental Professional & WINS Aberdeen lead, Livvy Drake, sustainable business consultant, Kwesia, City Girl in Nature, Ellie Austin, Twelve, Antoinette Vermilye, She Changes Climate, Ella Daish, environmental activist, Heather Comina, Climate Concepts

It’s a great networking opportunity to meet and connect with women working for social justice & environmental protection.

You will also get to meet your own mentor – a woman already working in sustainability – who will help support your change maker journey for up to six months following the Catalyst Summit.

You will also get membership of our Catalyst Community, with monthly meet-ups, so you can stay connected & supported to us & the other catalysts throughout the programme (to Feb 2022).

Massive thanks to our brilliant sponsors & partners who make it all possible:

catalyst summitEvent Sponsor: Riverford


Our Strategic Partner: Natracare

Catalyse Change Bursary Sponsors: Bidfood, Burges Salmon, Freeths, Green Unlimited, Pukka Herbs, Quartet Foundation, Schumacher Institute, Women In Sustainability, Vattenfalls

What will you do? Online Programme Details  

PROGRAMME DETAILS: 9.30am – 3.30pm  (3x 1.5 hour sessions each day – all are recorded and uploaded to our Catalyst Community platform)

DAY 1 – 17th JULY: How can I make a difference? Discover the skills and confidence you need in order to be an effective change maker. Learn how to find your purpose & tools for resilience.

DAY 2 – 22nd JULY: What is the future we choose? Let’s reimagine our world. How can we create a zero-carbon – clean, green and fair – world by 2030? An interactive day working with sustainability experts to solve the problems you care about most.

DAY 3 – 23rd July: Be the change you wish to see in the world. The support and tools you need for your change maker journey, with the opportunity to meet your mentor. Plus virtual study tours of sustainability businesses and NGO’s.

OPTIONAL EXTRA DAY 4 – 10am – 12pm, 24th July: Check-in & chat – an informal opportunity to chat with each other, reflect on the learning so far & try out some wellbeing practice.


Massive Thanks to our Sponsors; Bidfoods, Burges Salmon, Freeths, Green Unlimited, Natracare, Pukka Herbs, Riverford, Schumacher Institute, women in Sustainability, Vattenfalls.



For young women who want to make a positive difference in the world and are interested in an education and career in sustainability but aren’t sure how to go about it.

If someone is considering doing it but feels as if the whole motivational group experience is not for them, bear in mind that I was one of those people. I am often sceptical about many of the aspects included in camps like these (mindfulness, public speaking and – of course – yoga) but I enjoyed every minute of the experience, and still look back on it with happiness. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.” Abi 



Since the Bootcamp I have become more organised and calm about my future. Also I know how to deal with stress & anxiety due to the motivational sessions & I’m not afraid to speak up.” Dominika

You’ll realise your potential as change makers in the world, and you’ll become inspired by the immense amount of people you meet in just three days. You’ll gain a new Eco family!” Rowena



“It was such an empowering and eye-opening experience which I will carry with me forever. It has made me truly believe that we can help change the way people look at the world and together we can stop the injustices and suffering that humans have caused for so long through exploiting environmental resources and inequality.” Lauren

“I would highly recommend it, as it not only teaches you about sustainability, it teaches you about business, female empowerment, self love & much more. It really helped me build my confidence and team skills and I think it is especially important for young girls to have an experience like it.” Iris

Why do it?

The world is facing serious environmental and social problems – we help young women to be skilled & resilient for a rapidly changing world.  

Girls & young women face a multitude of challenges – we provide practical tools to help increase self-confidence & to effectively deal with anxiety and stress.

For a fast changing job market, we also teach the ‘softer’ skills for employability, inc; team working, problem solving & clearer communication.


The transformational programme will help you:

  • Build sustainability knowledge and the education and career opportunities available
  • Build understanding of your personality strengths and interests
  • Learn tools for improving confidence and personal resilience
  • Meet inspiring women working in the low-carbon economy and hear their stories
  • An opportunity to meet a mentor who will support your pathway into a Green Career.

Here is some feedback from previous delegates of our Catalyst Bootcamp (residential event):

The primary reason I would recommend the Bootcamp to a friend is that you meet so many females who are interested in the same field you are interested in. Too often females are silent on issues surrounding sustainability they are passionate about because there aren’t any like-minded individuals who would campaign with them. But, the Bootcamp is the perfect place to find females who are as passionate as you are to make a change in the world!”  

“It has made me more aware of my own wellbeing. Now, I regularly practice breathing exercises and try to do yoga once a day to control my own mental health.”  Urvi

It’s an exciting industry to work because it is growing so rapidly, and there is so much innovation involved. All the speakers that I talked to were very passionate about their own subject and enjoyed discussing it with us, giving the impression that you can combine your work with what you are passionate about.”   Emilie


“During the 3 days I met the most inspiring females in my life. I didn’t expect to meet such active members in the sustainability industry. Meeting people who work for the UN from females who created their own startups in the local Bristol area showed me the variety of work I could get involved in as a passionate female myself.” Urvi



Why choose our programme?
  • Access to experienced green business mentors and other sustainability practitioners
  • A fast-track programme to support a career choice in sustainability
  • Exclusively for young women
  • Helps build self-belief and confidence – to get your voice heard
  • A unique opportunity for young women to learn about sustainability principles and tools.
  • Empowering programme building personal wellbeing and resilience.

Catalyse Change CIC is a Bristol-based social enterprise working to inspire and empower young women for happy, healthy & green careers, communities and planet. The directors, Board and mentors are all women working in sustainability, with combined wide skill-set and expertise, supported by a extensive network of other sustainability professionals who provide expertise and mentoring.  

All Catalyse Change CIC policies are available on request. 

If you would like to get involved with our work as a mentor, sponsor or other supporter then please do get in touch!

Contact: Traci Lewis  

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