Catalyst Summit

Catalyst Summit: 10 Reasons You Should Join Us

Are you a young woman – aged 18-26 yrs – who wants to make a difference? As we have designed a sustainability learning and mentoring programme just for you. Here are just 10 good reasons why you should probably join us: FIND YOUR PURPOSE – Our inspiring, online sustainability & green careers event, which is held over 3 days in July, will help you find your purpose & be a confident change-maker. “The Catalyst Summit gives you the opportunity to…

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Green Career

My Green Career journey

Josephine Billany shares with us her experience joining the Catalyse Change community and how it has shaped her career. Like many other university freshers, I embarked upon my degree feeling anxious and excited in equal measure. I enrolled at Cardiff University to study Biological Science on the grounds that I had enjoyed the subject at school, liked the city of Cardiff and thought it was a good university. Although I had absolutely no idea what I would do with my…

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maddy diment

How to find a sustainability internship

Maddy Diment has written us a blog this month all about how to get an internship opportunity in the sustainability field, and how to make the most out of it. At University there existed an overwhelming chatter around finding and securing an internship. It seemed like everyone around me had it all together, with their spring-break schemes, summer internship plans, and law firm open-day invites. In my 2nd year, this chatter took on a new, almost-messianic dimension: find an internship,…

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sustainability work placements

Helping young women secure jobs which save the planet!

New work experience opportunities for female change makers COP26 in Glasgow amplified the urgency for decisive action on our climate and ecological crisis. Now, more than ever, we need young people who are inspired, empowered and skilled to help keep global temperatures below 2C. To support this Catalyse Change are launching a new work experience programme for young women – 18-24 yrs – in partnership with ERM, Vattenfall and Burges-Salmon. We will provide sustainability work placements and training next year…

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Green Periods

Want to have Green Periods?

Georga Mcnally – a Catalyse Change Ambassador – has written us this great blog from our masterclass last month on Green Periods. Jess Gitsham – WEN & City to Sea Ambassador – led this for us during Environmenstrual Week. What is environmenstrual WEEK & why is it important? Environmenstrual campaigning aims to raise awareness about the environmental and chemical dangers of conventional period products whilst also promoting the use of organic and reusable products. Lack of education and negative societal…

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Traci Lewis, Bristol

Let’s Explore Female Entrepreneurship

To celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – and other similar initiatives this month – Kara Bennett interviewed Traci Lewis, co-founder & director of Catalyse Change. As November marks National Career Development Month 2021, it feels fitting that we focus on the subject of Female Entrepreneurship. A career path that is becoming more and more appealing in a post pandemic world. The global pandemic has exposed the uncertainties and vulnerabilities of career choices which we once felt offered security and guarantees. Perhaps…

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Catalyst Summit 21

What was the Catalyst Summit like?

Our online Catalyst Summit this summer was a great success. But don’t just take our word for it, here is a summary of the feedback from our follow-up survey. Starting off with how our catalysts would describe it to a friend. “It is a great platform to meet people who share your passions. A very welcoming atmosphere where you are encouraged to speak honestly.” “Great if you want to meet other changemakers, and get some mentoring support for you own…

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My Green Career in Sustainable Fashion

Megan Mckinry has written us a great blog this month all about careers in sustainable fashion. If you were lucky enough to join us last month for our My Green Sustainable Fashion Career masterclass, in collaboration with the first ever Sustainable Fashion Week, you will recall meeting Phoebe, one half of Pico, and Naomi Austin, senior lecturer in Fashion Design and Promotion at the University of Sunderland. If you didn’t make it, don’t panic! As we have gathered some key…

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