Traci Lewis

Embracing the uncertainty

Hellie Painter – a second year student at Exeter Uni – shares 7 ways in which she has been embracing the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Hellie is now back at her parents home near Bath during the lockdown. She is currently wondering what to do next now that her internships have been cancelled and her final Study Abroad year is now also uncertain. The coronavirus pandemic has already caused so much uncertainty and anxiety across the world. Uncertainty around our…

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10 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas to weather this storm

Top 10 Tips to help Freelancers & Social Entrepreneurs stay in business. Working for yourself right now is challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has become a global crisis, with freelancers and small businesses particularly feeling the strain of government regulations forcing all but a handful to close their doors during the nationwide lockdowns. The lockdown has inevitably led to declining sales, cancelled bookings and possible job losses, leaving many small business owners anxious about what the future holds. So how can…

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Self-Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Taryn Everdeen share’s her experiences of the coronavirus outbreak this year and the coping strategies she has put in place to deal with it. Well, there’s no denying it: we are living in very strange times. Everything feels more than a little surreal. The UK has finally pretty much gone into lock down. I first heard about the novel coronavirus at the end of January, when one of my Facebook friends who was living in a neighbouring province of Wuhan…

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10 Top Online Team Meeting Ideas

Have you ever been in a meeting online which wasn’t actually that great? How often has it just been a convenient but poor substitute for the real thing? This needs to change and fast! Now more than ever we need to ensure that we DO run great virtual meetings  - here are 10 top team meeting ideas to help you be the person who does. We are in the grip of a pandemic, most workplaces, schools and universities are now closed.…

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