What impact did we have last year?

We have just launched our impact report and are sharing a few facts and stats from it here.

➡️We worked directly with 200 catalysts.➡️We ran and took part in 20 events.

➡️76 catalysts attended our Catalyst Summit.➡️62 went on to be mentored by a woman working in sustainability.

Our new Impact Report➡️ The top 3 benefits from the programme were;

  1. Understanding Career & Education Options
  2. Skills & Knowledge
  3. Confidence.

➡️2 catalysts went on to a work placement with Vattenfall.

We also published a book! Your Green Career: the handbook for young women and non-binary changemakers – check it out on Amazon here.





Who are our Catalysts?

Ayesha: I live in London and love walking and hiking. I would like to be a Social Impact Officer in Sustainability. I joined the programme to learn, connect with like-minded people, and gain direction.

What are the top 3 benefits you’ve experienced as a result of taking part?

Confidence, Resilience & Focus.

Izzy: I am 21 from Plymouth and a final-year student in Birmingham. I like wild swimming and environmental volunteering. I joined the programme to further my understanding of the sustainability space and network with others.

What would your dream green or climate job be?

Either in radical environmental economics think tanks such as the New Economics Foundation/Wellbeing Economy alliance or in the EU/UN policy working towards changing the goal away from GDP in a more holistic well-being economy. 

Zhen: I love spending time in parks, enjoy live music, and am obsessed with cat cafes. I joined Catalyse Change as I wanted to land my first job in sustainability and learn more about the different career paths people take. I’m now working as a BREEAM auditor at BRE.

What would you say if you were to recommend us to your best friend?

The programme is an amazing, safe space for you to share your thoughts, interact with, and learn from other brilliant women in sustainability, which will greatly help you to achieve your next goal in your studies or career.




It made me more inspired, and it was great to connect with other women in the sustainability space. It is good that these new connections have been with women my own age so I can see the paths they are undergoing but also women that are older than me so I can take inspiration from what jobs/paths they have taken to get them where they are today.(Sophie)

The power of mentoring

Sixty mentors were trained and paired with sixty-two mentees in 2023, for between three or six months of mentoring. They worked on a range of challenges and goals with their mentors, which included careers, education, projects, and personal development. From our survey, here are our impacts and some of their feedback.

Top 3 benefits

  • Understanding of career and education options
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Confidence
Mentee feedback

“It’s been good meeting somebody regularly to talk through my plans and build a way forward with advice from somebody who’s been where I was many years ago. I can better break up my big goals into smaller ones and have some practical next steps. I now have more confidence, connections, and opportunities open to me. I’m looking forward to what comes next.(Milla)

My mentor helped me build a habit of focusing on the positives that happened each day, and just writing it down helped me see the day differently. I’m much happier and more content now. Amazing!” (Audrey)

Mentoring has made all the difference to my career goals and plans. My mentor helped me focus on where I wanted to, jobs to apply for and how to get there. I’ve recently landed a new job in renewable energy and my mentor helped me to achieve this.” (Nina)

Mentor feedback

“The programme is so important. The programme works with girls who have put their hands up and want to work in sustainability. It’s vital we arm these girls with the confidence to believe they can make a difference in our world and share our networks to help them succeed. It’s a great programme, and I’m delighted to be involved!

This is such a powerful programme. It was gratifying to help a young woman navigate all the different choices in her early career and highlight how much value she has to add to the world. It was also really beneficial for me to learn from my mentee about young people and their motivations and concerns for their careers in sustainability. Thank you, Traci for making this happen.

I love this programme and always get so much out of supporting young women in sustainability and impact work.

The Catalyse Change programme is such a great opportunity and a rewarding experience for mentee and mentor alike. I have enjoyed mentoring these past two years and feel my time and input has been worthwhile. It’s great to play even a small part in supporting young women to thrive in their education and careers.”

We will sign off with the words which our catalysts used to describe their experience on our programme this year.

We are so grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make this programme happen including; Catalyse Change staff, mentors, facilitators, volunteers and Board members. We are also extremely grateful to our 2023 sponsors and partners; Burges-Salmon, Natracare, Vattenfalls, Freeths, Triodos, Riverford, Pukka, Schumacher Institute, Bidfoods and Women in Sustainability.

Would you like to join us in 2024 either as a catalyst, mentor or sponsor?

Please contact our Programme Director Traci Lewis traci@catalysechange.com 

The full version of our 2024 Impact Report can be found below:

CC Impact Report 2024 FINAL