Are you a young woman – aged 18-26 yrs – who wants to make a difference? As we have designed a sustainability learning and mentoring programme just for you.

Here are just 10 good reasons why you should probably join us:
  1. FIND YOUR PURPOSE – Our inspiring, online sustainability & green careers event, which is held over 3 days in July, will help you find your purpose & be a confident change-maker.

The Catalyst Summit gives you the opportunity to learn and ask questions to women with a career in sustainability and to get to know and form connections with all the other young women in the progamme! I loved it and would highly recommend.”

2. BE INSPIRED BY YOUR OWN MENTOR – You then have the opportunity to then work with a mentor for the next 3 – 6 months, to help you on your change maker journey.

“I found the mentoring great. The summit gave me the confidence in what it is I wanted to do and the mentoring gave me the toolkit needed to go out and get it (CV writing, cover letters etc).”


3. BE PART OF A LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY – You will also receive membership of our Catalyst Community – – so you can stay connected with the group, check-in on your mentoring, wellbeing and continue your learning journey – until the programme ends in February 2024. It is a safe online space to meet and learn with a like-minded peer support network.

“This is a great way to interact with both women who have jobs in sustainability and with young women who are in a similar position to me, wanting to start a career in sustainability, but need some advice.

4. MEET-UPS & MASTERCLASSES – There will also be monthly ops to stay connected, with expert speakers and wellbeing check-ins.

Checking in with each other and our goals means we’re holding ourselves accountable, as well uplifting each other when we most need it. I’m more excited for what I can work towards than I have been in previous years, where the eco-anxiety and sense of powerlessness was too overwhelming.

Catalyst Summit

5. BE EMPOWERED & INSPIRED – Meet inspiring women working in the low-carbon economy who will help you to know that you too can make difference.

“I feel a fire reignited as to why I want to work in Sustainability and have found a supportive community who not only helped me throughout the course of the Summit but will be a group I continue to connect with, ask for advice and show up with my support too! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

6. BE A CHANGEMAKER – Learn key sustainability knowledge & skills to be ‘the change you wish to see in the world.’

The main thing I would say is that Traci and the team encourage you to be change-makers in all areas of your life, not just in your career, which is where a valuable difference can be made. They really foster a supportive, like-minded community and it is amazing to hear lots of different journeys and perspectives on what sustainability means to everyone.

7. GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE – Grow your belief in yourself and your ability to affect change.

It really gives you a sense of confidence in yourself. Climate anxiety is a real thing and it was so inspiring to be surrounded by people who were passionate about long-term change, it was such a relief to know that there are so many others around me that feel the same and gave me a sense of community and belonging in this respect.”

8. MAKE NEW FRIENDS & HAVE SOME FUN – Meet other like-minded young women to learn and share ideas with a supportive peer community.

“DO it! it’s totally awesome Traci and team are brilliant hosts and facilitators. I had so much fun.”

9. BE HAPPIER – We take a holistic approach and provide a space and skills for self-care, building resilience and helping you look after your wellbeing.

“It was a really useful course that utilised a holistic approach i.e. not just bombarding us with information about careers but acknowledging individual differences. I really enjoyed the incorporation of breakout groups to talk to others and the meditation too.”

10. DISCOVER NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – We will help to link you up with green work placements and internships at the end of the programme.

“I feel like I now have the confidence to know what I want with my career and what values I have to give when it comes to applying for jobs.”

“If you have an interest in sustainability and protecting the planet, or want to give equal rights to all, or just want a career where you feel as if you have made a difference to someone, somewhere, then you should definitely participate in the Catalyst summit! I met a group of young women who were all inspiring in their own way and who all care about the same things as me. The amazing experience, led by incredible women, gave me hope for a better future for all.”