Daze AgahjiOur online Catalyst Summit this summer was a great success. But don’t just take our word for it, here is a summary of the feedback from our follow-up survey. Starting off with how our catalysts would describe it to a friend.

“It is a great platform to meet people who share your passions. A very welcoming atmosphere where you are encouraged to speak honestly.”

“Great if you want to meet other changemakers, and get some mentoring support for you own eco journey.”

“It is a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded women & discuss important sustainability topics, strengthening your knowledge and connections with others.”

“An incredibly insightful programme that not only reminds you about all the fascinating facets of the environmental/sustainability sector but also opens up doors you never thought of!”

“It was so inspiring to meet with so many women who are passionate about the environment!”

“It’s a great opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and passions and to encourage each other.”

Catalyst Summit 21What are 3 benefits you’ve experienced as a result of being part of the Catalyst Summit & mentoring programme?
  • Feeling more confident, having a great community of support and inspiration, getting to have a sustainability mentor
  • More confidence with ideas hearing ideas from others and using them to help my own. Hearing from other people who have started in a similar place and where they are now.
  • Meeting inspiring people, being stimulated to reflect upon myself, being encouraged to present myself in regards to wanting to pursue a career in sustainability
  • More direction in my career plans, confidence+hope and ideas for eco activities
  • Made new connections
  • Refreshed my love and passion for sustainability
  • Developed my confidence
    – found my niche interests while also mainting a global outlook
    – finally found further studies programmes that are tailored to the things I enjoy the most
    – being able to speak to someone who was in the very same position and being able to learn from their personal experiences.

Catalyst Summit 21

What is one thing you would change?
  • Maybe meeting more of mentors during the programme.
  • More opportunities to spend time getting to know other participants.
  • Have more informative talks about ways to mitigate environmental issues and the different positions that you can have based on your skills and interests.
  • Maybe slightly longer breaks, towards the afternoon I was becoming quite tired because a lot of the day is discussion.
  • More sustainability challenges.
  • Would love an in-person option when COVID permits.
Catalyst Summit 21
how is the mentoring Programme so far?

“My mentor has been fantastic mentor so far. She really guided me through my self-finding process where now I can say that I am in a much clearer place where I can focus on the next step in my career. I specifically enjoyed that she brought in people in the sectors I am interested in and learn from their first-hand experiences.”

“I’m really enjoying working with my mentor – she gave me the confidence in myself to decide to change to a job more suited for me.”

“An amazing programme to unite girls and women wanting to pursue a career in sustainability!”


What makes the Catalyst Change programme special is the atmosphere that is created, very welcoming with no space for judgement, which encouraged me to open myself up during times that I would normally stay reserved. Thank you for all the hard work!

“It was great to meet so many people who share your passions, made you feel less alone.”

Love it thank you. Really thought provoking and a great community to be part of.”

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