Welcome to our new Catalyse Change Ambassadors! We are so delighted that some of our fabulous alumni – who  previously attended our programme –  will be helping us to inspire and empower other young women – to be sustainability leaders & change makers.

They have all shared why they want to be an ambassador and the importance of helping us to further our mission.

I am a Catalyse Change ambassador to promote the benefits of your work, as most people would have never been taught about green careers at school, or how they can implement small changes in their day to day lives to benefit people and the planet. I believe that the mentoring programme and the community meetups are invaluable when it comes to connecting with like-minded people and I think more people need to be made aware of those opportunities.

My favourite part of the Catalyse Change summit was working with inspirational speakers to identify solutions for a better future and identifying our goals to help us focus on our long-term sustainability pledges. It was amazing to see how many socio-economic/political issues were interlinked and by encouraging those conversations to be facilitated more widely, real change can and will be made.”  Maddy







I first got involved with Catalyse Change at the Catalyst Summit in July 2020, and it has been a wonderful experience. Due to the empowerment and inspiration I felt from the events I have attended throughout the last year, I was very excited to be able to become a Catalyse Change Ambassador and be involved in an organisation with such a worthwhile and important mission, especially in today’s climate.”  Georga






“I have admired Catalyse Change from afar for a long time, but have never been in the right place at the right time to get involved until the pandemic hit. Having moved to Edinburgh in 2019, with very few connections in the sustainability sector, the online Catalyst Summit provided me with an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded young women across the country, network with established women across the sector and improve my confidence in my ability to have a positive impact. Now at 24, I wish I had got involved with Catalyse Change sooner, as an ambassador I want to make sure other young women don’t miss out.Isabel




I had no idea that attending a 3-day boot camp with Catalyse Change would have the effect on me that it has had. I was able to really dig deep within myself and find the confidence to begin becoming a person that I was really proud of. That confidence has led me to network successfully, take risks that ended up being so worth it and trying out new things that I ended up loving. I have in the 2 years since attending, progressed so much in my professional and personal life and would love for others to have the opportunity to do the same and meet people like the wonderful people in my cohort.Lois

To help Catalyse Change reach as many young women as possible so that more people can gain the impacts that I’ve experienced through being a part of.”  Amelia