Thinking about studying sustainability or environmentalism? Well we have put together over 150 university degrees and masters to help you. Also lots of shorter online learning options featured too!

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Lara, who is featured, shares her experiences of finding the right degree:
When researching and exploring the different options for studying a degree in sustainability I quickly realised how broad the topic is.

The fact that there are so many different approaches to finding solutions to climate change, is something which gives me hope for the future. 🌏

I would say to anyone considering applying for a degree in sustainability to explore their own interests and find their focus within the field, as the options are almost never-ending.

Participating in the Catalyst Summit helped me with this as I heard from professionals working in many different fields of sustainability. And talking with my mentor gave me the clarity I needed to isolate my main interest, which is sustainability consultancy.

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Mya-Rose Craig – who also previously attended our Catalyst Summit – as been awarded a place to study at Cambridge University. However her journey there hasn’t been all plain sailing. She shares her story with us here:

🌏”I applied to Cambridge as there was a course I really wanted to study, Human Social Political Sciences, which is studied with three departments politics, anthropology and sociology but intersects with racism and sexism. As a VME person, nobody in my family had been to Cambridge.

🌞My sixth form head helped with my personal statement but nobody supported me, especially with my assessment and interview. When I got rejected, I was devastated and I felt that I could not go through all of that again. However last October I decided to re-apply to Cambdige but to a different college, despite my head teacher trying to put me off by telling me that nobody gets into Cambridge on a second application.

📜For my second application I read lots of books, re-wrote essays found teachers at other schools to mark them as my teachers wouldn’t, contacted everyone who knew anyone of my contacts who had been to Cambridge in the last 10 years and persuaded them to do mock interviews with and really prepared well. I also got feedback from people I knew who were universitiy lecturers and they suggested issues that I needed to cover in my interview.

💯This time I was offered a Place at Cambridge and so the only tip I can give is don’t give up. And if you can give it another shot, don’t rely totally on your school as racism and stereotyping can act as a barrier.


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