Are you feeling worried about your future? Are you sitting at home bored wondering what to do now this summer?

In our new Green Career online masterclass we explore opportunities for young women who are interested in helping to create healthy, happy and green careers, communities and planet.

Who are they aimed at? All young women, aged 16-24, who want to learn how they can be part of the solution.

UK schools and universities are closed and our whole society and economy is in lockdown. It’s a challenging time for everyone. However the crisis does mean that there are new needs and opportunities developing. So in our new free online Green Career masterclass we are going to look at different ways you can stay inspired and learn about new careers and opportunities.


Our new free online Green Career masterclasses are for young women, who are interested in making a difference but not sure how to go about it.

Book on via the links to join the interactive live classes and also to get sent the recording so you can enjoy them in your own time.  Or if you want to receive invites as they become live, then email us at

Here is the full series of Green Career masterclasses which we will be running over the next 6 weeks:

1.Zero-carbon pathways & Green Careers – a short introduction to the series from Catalyse Change founders and directors Jenna Holliday and Traci Lewis

2. Feeding Britain – This pandemic has revealed how vulnerable our ‘just in time’ global supply chains can be. Also due to many of the 70,000 seasonal workers not being able to get here, there are current opportunities to work in sustainable food & farming. Join us to explore what these are. Jenna and Traci will be joined by industry experts to ensure a current and varied discussion. Tuesday 21st April, 2-3.30pm

3. Virtual CV building – Here we explore tips & techniques for virtual work experience & organisations to approach. Tuesday 5th May 2-3.30pm 

4. Saving money – We will look at tips for ethical banking & how to make your money go further. Tuesday 19th May 2-3.30pm BOOK HERE

5. Inspiring sustainability – How can we effectively communicate our message in a post-covid-19 world? Tuesday 2nd June 2pm BOOK HERE

Hopefully there is something here for you. However if there is a sustainability subject or sector you want us to cover, then do let us know!

If you would like to more information about our masterclasses please email   We are pleased to provide recordings of to teachers, schools and other educators. If you would like to more information about our masterclasses please email