My name is Nawal. I’m 17 years old and from Bristol. I am currently in the final year of my A-Levels, studying English Literature, Sociology and Geography. My hobbies are cricket and cross country which I regularly practice alongside my studies.

What would your dream job be?
My dream career would be in corporate/ Human Rights Law

Why did you come to the Catalyst Bootcamp?
I came to the Catalyst Bootcamp in order to gain a deeper insight into global sustainability and female empowerment.

What was your overall experience of it?
My experience was incredibly beneficial as I was able to develop many skills e.g leadership and was able to increase my overall knowledge of plastic pollution.

What three things did you like about it most?
Meeting the strong and empowering women which were leading the programme;
The external talkers/visitors;
The visits to businesses e.g Pukka Teas.

What would you like to say to our programme sponsors? I would like to say a massive thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop many skills and grow into a mature young woman. Furthermore, I am grateful for the knowledge I was able to gain about global sustainability as I am now able to change my unethical ways of spending, living.

If you were recommending the Bootcamp to a friend, why would tell them they should do it? I would highly recommend the Catalyst Bootcamp as it gives you the opportunity to grow as a young woman and enables you to learn about sustainable ways of living

Has the mentoring helped you? I find mentoring incredibly useful as it provides me with a 1:1 guidance and support with my independent research/questions about global sustainability.


For all enquiries contact Traci Lewis, director, Catalyse Change CIC  To book onto this year’s programme visit