Imagine if you could create a career for yourself which you not only enjoyed but also helped to make the world a better place. If you could combine what your care most passionately about, with what you can also get paid to do.

Bristol-based social enterprise Catalyse Change have just produced free ebook for young women ‘’ to help them do just that.

We are faced with very real pressing economic, environmental and social problems which require urgent action. These increasing global social and environmental problems mean that we need motivated, resilient and skilled change makers now more than ever. This planetary crisis offers huge opportunities to a create a new Low-Carbon economy which requires a massive reskilling amongst our young people.

Green Careers workshopTo help young women explore the career opportunities in sustainability Catalyse Change are also running a workshop on 3 February at Hamilton House. A one-day workshop for young women who want to create a more sustainable future. It will provide inspiration, skills & toolkit for;

green career options and pathways
personal resilience and confidence
finding your purpose
setting green education & career goals.

It will be an inspiring and empowering day, with some of the most popular sessions from their annual 3-day Catalyst Bootcamp, which is on 1-3 August.

Emilie who went on the Bootcamp last year recommends the event if you are interested in pursuing a green education and career. “It’s an exciting industry to work in because it is growing so rapidly, and there is so much innovation involved. All the speakers were very passionate about their own subject and enjoyed discussing it with us, showing you can combine your work with what you are passionate about.”

To receive your free copy of the ebook and find out more about the workshop contact Traci Lewis

Editors Notes  Press Release: 12 January 2018

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