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Job title: Founder of wellbeing Business ‘The Quiet Heart


Primarily I have degrees in Chinese Medicine and Business and Marketing. I am a qualified Business Coach, Psychometric Tester and during my career in Human Resources, I undertook training in many subjects related to personal and business development.  With my current business I have undergone post graduate training in obstetrics, facial rejuvenation, and massage.

I am also qualified to teach Mindfulness.

Why did you become a sustainability professional?

The Quiet Heart

I grew up in the 80’s and while most people were embracing the introduction of fast/cheap food, my family were growing their own veggies.  We had no idea how fortunate we were at the time but now, I am so grateful for the hours spent in the allotment with my dad, and the kitchen pottering and cooking with my mum.

My family were deeply in tune with the seasons and we practiced many seasonal rituals at home; this has had a profound impact on my career.

After a few personal tragedies in my early 30’s I realised that my career and values didn’t correlate, so I handed in my notice and returned to university. That was 10 years ago and the best decision of my life!

What does your current role involve?

My current role is extremely varied.  I am self-employed so utilise the business acumen I gained while managing large budgets and teams of people.  I am responsible for all aspects of my business, so marketing, accounts, supplies and planning are all areas I am responsible for.

I have a private practice and many different elements of Chinese Medicine with my patients.  I also use my coaching and counselling skills on a daily basis.

I teach Mental Health and Mindfulness in a school so help prepare lessons for Year 9 and upwards.  I also present to large groups of people about mindfulness and wellbeing; this also involves running group wellbeing events.

How has your role changed over the past few years?

My practice has grown so I have more patients coming to see me.  Teaching mindfulness and mental  health has been a relatively new project and I hope to see more development in this area.

What’s the best part of your work?

The people I help.  All of them; children, young people and adults.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Managing my time along with being a single parent.  Learning about boundaries is a vital part of my role.

What was the last development/training course/event you attended?

Mindfulness for young people.  This was with the British School of Mindfulness.

What did you bring back to your job?

Skills I needed to facilitate sessions with young people.

What are the most important skill(s) for your role and why?

Empathy, intuition, awareness of basic coaching/counselling skills, signposting (especially within schools), and a sense of humour.

Gemma David, The Quiet Heart,


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