The new U Lab course – Leading Awareness-Based Systems Change – How to Sense and Actualize the Future – starts today! This free, global open online leadership course runs from MIT through a learning platform called EDx. If you would like to do the new course you can enroll and access it here.

This time last year I started ‘U Lab: Transforming Society, Business and Self’, along with over 50,000 other participants from around the world. Today, as the new course starts, I am excited to be doing it again, as I learned a huge amount from the first and apparently U Lab is never the same twice. They are always evolving the material, with new interactive live sessions, new methods and tools, new examples of Theory U in practice, with option to earn a verified certificate.

To help those who are new to it they have developed a 90 minute intro  This short course will take you just over 90-minutes to complete and will introduce you to Theory U: a framework and method developed at MIT and practiced by individuals, organizations and larger communities around the world to learn from the emerging future. If you like what you see you can then enrol for the full 10 week course which starts today, it takes a few hours of online work each week.

It’s a process that matters more today than ever before. Dallas, Ferguson, Nice, Turkey, Trump, Brexit – the simultaneous rise of global terrorism, authoritarian strongmen and the far-right are the twin faces of our current moment. In the face of disruptive change, how do we activate our deeper sources of curiosity, compassion and courage rather than reacting out of prejudice, anger and fear?

Live Session: Bristol Hub

In addition to the online course there are self-run hubs all over the world, we are hosting one in Bristol, UK. Everyone who is doing the course is welcome to attend the live sessions at the Hub. The first Live session in this eight week course is on 15th September. There are also other local hubs in Frome and Stroud –  check the site to find your local one – or even consider starting your own!

Book onto the event here:  Do invite others who may be interested in doing this with you – we look forward to meeting you there.

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